Terry & Terena Deters
Terry & Terena Deters

Value, Service, Personalization and Tradition since 1955

Thank you for visiting the website of the Ralph Meyer & Deters Funeral Home, family owned and operated since 1955.  We are dedicated to providing superior service at tremendous savings in these uncertain economic times.

We offer a wide variety of funeral and cremation services.
With our Value Packages, we provide the most affordable pricing and exceptional service.


To discuss Pre Arrangements or if there is an Immediate need, call (513) 251-9700.  For directions or to contact us by email, click here.

At Ralph Meyer & Deters Funeral Home, we believe that funerals should be
as unique and special as the life being remembered.

An often overlooked aspect of personalizing a visitation or funeral is the location, such as your home, a fraternal lodge, your church, nursing home chapel, high school multipurpose room or chapel, Veteran Organization
Hall, School gymnasium, condo community room or even outdoors.

Our Church and Chapel Funeral Plan™ packages include a
free American Made Steel Casket and Burial Vault, when your family uses your church or other meaningful location for visitation or services.

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